About Me

Hi! My names Sherie. It’s so awesome y’all dropped in!

Ummmm…..ok, well I guess I’ll start with all the “normal” stuff people say when they write about themselves. Then we can get to the “true” me. I mean the “inner” Sherie. Like who I really am vs. how old I am, where I was born and blah blah blah. LOL

Ok, so on to the specifics of ME! I’m Sherie Giuliante (duh!), I was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana (yep yep straight Southern Gal right here and so proud of it!). I’m 35 and a Mommy of 4 BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL AMAZING boys (yes I am biased) that I love more than life! (Mommy loves y’all my angels!) I’ve got an amazing fiancé that means the world to me and I’m so very happy that I get to grow old (which I honestly don’t think I’ll ever think of myself as being “old”) with him and spend the rest of my life with him. (I love you so much my love!) I am a stay at home mom and a Mompreneur (look for a post about this). 

I am a mother, a daughter, a fiancé, a niece, a friend, a #BossBabe, a caregiver, a giver of life, a giver of love, a listener, an advice giver, a seeker of knowledge, a survivor, and so much more. I’m so much more than what is seen at first glance (as we all are). So never judge a book by its cover because we are all unique with a greatness inside of us just waiting to come out. 

I know…..I started rambling…..SORRY! (Not really LOL) Ok, so now you have all of the “normal” stuff people answer with. Now, on to who Sherie is on the INSIDE!

Ok so, first and foremost I am Sherie. I am an individual. I am a UNIQUE individual and there is no one in the world just like me! (I’ve “lost” my individuality before – I don’t recommend it – and refuse to do it again! And yes, I am still working out, learning, and trying to regain who “Sherie” truly is) Yes, I am my children’s mom but I am so much more than just a mom. I have learned that I must be an individual first and foremost (even before being “mom”) or I am no more than a walking, talking human shell. 

What does Sherie act like you ask? Well hmmm…..gee…..let’s see here…..OK I GOT IT! LOL I am a true Southern Gal at heart (the “y’all”s, yes ma’am/sir, no ma’am/sir, southern hospitality and manners are just ingrained in me), I’m loving, kind/soft hearted, caring (I’d give you the shirt off my back if you truly needed it), competitive (this, too, is ingrained in me from years of playing sports), I believe what I believe (although, in person, I sometimes keep what I think/believe held in, but I’m working on that), I am sarcastic (Who? Lil ol me? LOL) sometimes more than others and half the time I won’t even realize I’m doing it. (So might as well get used to it now and take no offense because I definitely don’t mean anything by it) At times I can be shy and quiet but, once I’m comfortable or get started talking about something I’m interested in or have an opinion on **WARNING WILL ROBINSON WARNING** I.DO.NOT.SHUT.UP!  Bonafide motormouth right here!!!!! And that’s pretty much how I act in a nutshell!

So….   that’s pretty much me! Anything else y’all wanna know feel more than free to ask! (But I won’t promise an answer if it’s just….out there! LOL)