Back to school for Parents

Ok, so the kids don’t quite understand that parents have to prepare for back to school just as much as they do.  I mean, we enjoy summers to! Not having to make sure they’re up and out the door early, no lunches to make(y’all know what I mean), no homework to see to, and no extra school activities/projects/due dates to remember.

I’m all about doing what I can to make life easier and run smoother. So, to all my fellow parents out there that are getting ready for back to school I’ve got some things to help ya! I’ve focused a big part of this post on school lunches because, to me (other than homework/projects getting done) this is a big part of the kids day.  If they don’t eat healthy (or as healthy as you can talk them into) they’re going to drag through their day, and we don’t want that! But…..we can make it easier on us too!




Plan the entire week of lunches and go grocery shopping for it all at one time. (I do my shopping on Sunday’s so everything will be fresh for the week ahead) TIP: If you still have little ones at home like I do you can make your day even easier…1. Let him/her pick out their own lunchbox when you’re back to school shopping 2. Make him/her their own lunch the same as their big brothers/sisters everyday.  That’s a win for us parents on many levels and makes them feel like they’re not being left out too! WINS: 1. No running around stressing about what to make little ones for lunch every day, simply hand them their lunch box! 2. They feel as though they’re a big boy/girl and will be more apt to helping with other “Big boy/girl” things (I.E. cleaning their room) 3. He/She eats a healthy lunch daily that you didn’t have to stress to make 4. EASY CLEAN UP!


I  had never heard of or tried this but I LOVE this idea and will definitely be doing it this year! (Just imagine all of the saved paper towels!)  Freeze a (clean) wet sponge in a ziplock bag.  You can use it as an ice pack before lunch and a refreshing face cleaner for after lunch!


Want to make your kids lunches fun without spending a ton on all of the fancy school lunch box accessories out there? DIY it! All you need is some googly eyes, glue and a sharpie (only to be used on food like bananas and sandwich bags)! Everything is more fun with some googly eyes and a funny face drawn on it! You can add googly eyes to just about anything! Make a Minion banana, faces on juice boxes, sandwich bags, oranges…..the possibilities are endless!


Slice an apple, put it back together and hold it together with a rubber-band! VIOLA NO ICKY BROWN!= EATEN APPLES!!!!!

IT’S THE MORNING COUNTDOWN!!!!! (Yes…I was singing as I typed that…To cheesy for ya? LOL)

Getting back in the swing of getting up and moving early for back to school can totally suck! (I’m talking about for us parents too) So why not make it a little bit fun?! Get everyone movin’…..get that blood flowin’…..have some laughs!

Ok, so here’s what you do.  Make a list for each child to have (make sure every kids list is in the same order. Or, if you have a printer that can make copies, do it the easy way and make one master list (yours) and just print a copy for each of the kids (if you have more than one school goer).  Sit down with them the night before, give them their lists and explain the rules.

So, first off you’re going to need a radio (I just use the music I have on my phone…And yes I did in fact make a playlist specifically for this LOL What can I say…..I’m a dork and we have to have some fun too and I love making playlists and listening to all the music in order to decide what’s going on it LOL) and a cheap ole kitchen timer.

THE “RULES”:  In the morning you’re going to grab the kitchen timer and crank up some fun tunes to get everyone going.  Wake the kids up and set the timer for the specified time of the first thing on the list (and just keep going down the list until everything is done)! You can even make it into a race but however you choose to do it make it as much fun as possible and send HAPPY kids off to school.  Because if they start off their day happy and having fun they have a better chance of coming home still happy and having had a great (or at lease a good) day at school!


My kids always forget to turn notes in and/or turn in money that’s due! But now there’s REMINDER BRACELETS TO THE RESCUE!!!!! I saw this online somewhere last year (Pintrest maybe??? More like probably knowing me LOL) and I tried it and it works wonders! Write whatever it is they need to remember to do/turn in on a colorful strip of paper, tape over it with tape (I use contact paper just to make it more durable.  I mean come on, I have all boys so can ya blame me me?LOL) and secure it around their wrist with tape (I staple it because I found that the tape would come off the “bracelet” long before they ever even GOT to school! Yet again…I have all boys LOL)


It is so much easier to keep what everyone has coming up if you have a big calendar to see what everyone has going on at a glance. Here’s how I do it that makes everything much easier to see who has what (remember I’m all for easy!)

What you need:  A big desk calendar, washi tape (one color/design for each person in the house) and a sharpie (I like the kind that the point is like a pen because you can write smaller hence not using up as much washi tape and it’s easier to read).

Once each person has picked out which washi tape they want to use , I put a small piece with their name on it at the top of the month as like a “key,” As soon as an appointment is made or a note comes home from school with something that has to be done by a certain date I’ll write it on whichever washi tape goes for that person and add it to that date on the calendar.  The calendar is hanging somewhere that everyone can see it and everyone can see who has what on a certain day at a glance! It makes everything so much easier.  You can see what days you have open to schedule things that you have to do at a glance (I don’t just put my school goers things on the calendar I use it as a family calendar just to make my life easier too but you choose how you’d like to do yours.)


Ok parents, I hope that some of these things have helped y’all in some way.  I know they’ve helped me!  If you need help finding/thinking of ways to make certain things easier drop me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help y’all out with that as well! Look for more school hacks posts coming soon in honor of back to school time! Again, I hope y’all enjoyed this post!

~I love all of y’all! Remember never to let anyone dull that beautiful sparkle because YOU are beautiful!

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