Brand new day!!!!!

It’s early morning
A brand new day, a clean slate… woke up and you’re breathing… to a great start already! So let’s make an effort to keep it up!
No one but US can truly control the outcome of our day. Don’t let others effect your mood. Be determined to see only the goodness and happiness in today. Be your own sunshine β˜€οΈ!!!!! It may take some practice but today’s as good a day to start as any. 
Now matter what life has handed you in the past it’s in the past. If you keep dwelling on it and living in the past that is where you will continue to go… make a conscious effort to make a change for the good today. Not for anyone else but yourself. 
Scared….I get that! Start small!!!!! Think of one small thing you can do today to start raising your vibration and DO IT! Add one more thing each day and before you know it you’re doing AMAZING things!
My affirmations for everyone reading this today:
“I will ignore the ones wanting to bring me down, concentrate on everything positive, and make a conscious effort to start raising my vibration and making myself a better person.”
“I will see the good and beauty in all aspects of my life and be thankful.”
“Bringing people a small bit of joy will start with me. I will take that first step to make the world a better place slowly but surely.”

Hope y’all like the thought for today. I love everyone reading this and my prayer for each of you is that you have an amazing day and that one thing, no matter how small it is, happens to you that will bring you true joy and happiness. 

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