Contradictions of the mind…..

I am grateful but angry,

I am happy yet depressed 

I fully understand but am confused AF

I’m capable but need help

I am strong AF but feel weak

I am full of knowledge but stupid

I’m calm but wound as tightly as it’s possible to be

I’m confident but doubtful 

I’m loyal but ask for no help

I’m loving to a fault but it is one sided 

I’m courageous but scared

I’m forgiving but can’t forget 

I’m hardworking but feel lazy

I’m mature with a childlike innocence 

I love with all that I am

I’m peaceful but filled with anger

I’m realistic but live in my own world

I’m sympathetic but receive no sympathy 

I am sweet but sour. 

Family is my world

I dream BIG in a world filled with followers 

 I am emotional yet show no true emotions 

I am impatient yet full of patience 

 I am messy yet organized 

I am ME and that is all I ever claim to be. Love me or hate me this is me and I am enough. 

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