Hacks to make High School easier

High school can be so much fun! But, then again, it can suck with the bigger work load too. So here’s a few tips and tricks you can try out. 

1. Before you start using a new notebook to take notes leave the first few pages blank. As you go you can create a “table of contents.” It’ll make your notes much more organized and easier to study!

2. Color code the tops of your notebooks. This will make it easier and faster to grab the right notebook out of your booksack in class. 

3. Download the app Photomath. It lets you take pictures of math problems and teaches you the right steps to solve it! (I think I may have to download this myself just to be able to keep up helping my kids with homework! LOL)

4. Study before bed!  Your brain “files” new information while you sleep. If you study right before you go to sleep the information is fresh In your mind and “filed” as high priority. Just don’t study while in bed or you may fall asleep. (This was always my problem when I studied in school. I always did my homework in bed and was always falling asleep!)

5. Use hemmingwayapp.com !  It’s a writing tool that lets you paste your paper and it will suggest edits! It highlights hard to read sentences, shows you phrases that are written in passive voice, keeps count of your adverbs and tells you what grade reading level you’re writing at!

6. When you study use the Pomodoro Method!

7.  Required reading:  I’ve got two things to say about this….. 1. ALWAYS read each nights/weeks assigned reading because the one time you skip in is the time you’ll end up having a quiz! 2. Always buy your own copy of the required reading because it makes it a lot easier to study when you can highlight and make notes in the margins. 

8. Don’t be intimidated by the “popular” kids. They’re just as nervous as you are and you’re just as important!

9. If you have work periods in class or study hall ACTUALLY USE THEM TO GET WORK DONE!  You’ll have way less to do once you get home!

10. Flash cards will help!!!!!


11. RELAX!!!!!

So now there y’all have it. Go start having a great time in high school. But actually pay attention to your grades and do the best you can because if you don’t you’ll regret it in later years!

Til next time!

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