How to Prevent Pimples for Teenagers

1. Always, always, always, ALWAYS keep your face clean! It doesn’t matter if your face is completely clear and smooth as a babies butt, I promise you that can change overnight! Trust me, I remember this well! So, wash your face with face cleaner twice a day (EVERYDAY YA’LL!) and keep all the dirt and nasty sludge off your face. It may not keep you 100% zit free 100% of the time but it WILL help prevent them! (ladies y’all listen up real good ESPECIALLY when it’s close to Aunt Rose visiting! PMS + zits = wicked witch of the west! So guys all y’all need to watch out!)

2. For goodness sake M-O-I-S-T-U-R-I-Z-E!!!!!  Yea, you may see that the zits are Gone Baby Gone but in its place now you got face dandruff. (And yes I did just totally make that term up…..I think…..who knows but I like it so who cares) So yea, THAT’S gonna look even better! You may have gotten rid of the zits but now there’s a whole other problem to deal with! (I think I’d stick to dealing with a few zits lol) So y’all, please moisturize so you don’t have to worry about or deal with facedruff! (Yep….made that up too) I promise you that through your teenage years there’s gonna be PLENTY of other stuff that comes up that you’ll have to deal with and worry about! Why add insult to injury?!

3. Use makeup sparingly! First of all ladies just a little FIY ….. ever heard the saying “less is more”? That applies to makeup zits or no zits. (And I am going into “mom mode” for a few minutes here. But hear me out!) Go as natural as possible. Don’t hide that natural beauty girl! Let that shit shine through! Embrace it! Cuz all that makeup that some chics pile on…..well, to be quite blunt, it don’t help their looks none. Guys want a real gal! Not someone who hides what they truly look like. And if he don’t like you for who you naturally are don’t waste your time!  Kick him to the curb now hun cuz it ain’t worth it! Ok ladies my mom moment is done. Sorry! (Totally not sorry) So back to the zit talk. All the foundation, powder, blush, etc….. it clogs your pores. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick…..ok cool, go for it (but not TOO much remember?!) But make sure you wash it ALL off before you go to bed EVERY NIGHT! 

4. Watch what you put in your hair!  (Guys I’m talkin to y’all too with this one so listen up!) Using gel, hairspray, mousse, stuff to help straighten your hair or anything like that? Wash your face after!!!!!  (Or at least wipe your face off good with a wet wash rag if you’re running late!) All that stuff can clog your pores (and possibly irritate your skin) if it gets on your face. And what have we learned y’all? Dirty skin -> Clogged Pores -> BREAKOUTS!!!!! EWWWW

5. Keep your hands off your face!  (I have problems with this even today so no worries!)  Attempt not to touch your face or prop your cheek/chin on your hand. (The key word here is attempt not to do this) The more you do this the more bacteria, oil and junk gets all over your face which (of course) can lead to breakouts. If you’re like me and unconsciously do this (constantly) just make sure to wash your face. 

6. Stay out of the sun. ROFLMAO Yea, I know this is completely ridiculous to tel a teenager to stay out of the sun so I’m not even really gonna spend all that much time on this one. Even I’m thinking “Yea right! I don’t think so.” But seriously y’all, at least put sunscreen on to protect your skin at least a little bit!

7. A little GOOD news!  Experts (well most experts) agree that chocolate does NOT cause Pimples! Woohoooooo!!!!! Of course they say to avoid greasy food (Duh) and eat more fruit and veggies (Duh again). Things to avoid that may trigger breakouts? Dairy products (weird) and foods high in processed sugar (well I’m screwed!!!!! Lol)

8. Exercise daily! And if you’re a teen I’d bet that 9 out of 10 of y’all are at least in PE where you get some sort of exercise. Exercise is (of course) healthy for your entire body but it’s healthy for your skin too!  Just beware…..Try not to wear clothes or use exercise equipment that rubs your skin. Can you say chafed?! OUCHY!!!!!! And shower right after you exercise!

9. Stay hydrated!  Yea, I know, self explanatory right? BUT I’m gonna say this anyway because I can hear it already. There’s gonna be a few people that say something like “But Sheri didn’t say it needed to be water!” (Insert whining voice here) So y’all listen up. When I say “stay hydrated” I mean drink a lot of……wait for it…..YEP! You guessed it! WATER!  Yea, Powerade and Gatorade are cool when your playing sports or running and sweating a lot because they replenish your electrolytes. But this is IN ADDITION TO WATER not in place of!  But I’m talking about water. Drink lots and lots of water! Like 8-10 bottles a day!  You’d be surprised with how much it truly does help your skin! A lot of times we don’t really notice that we’re not as hydrated as we should be. 

10. Dude, just chill out already!  Put some tunes on, sit back and just chill out and de-stress!    I’m for real!  There are studies that have shown that stress (or a major freak out, whichever you wanna call it) can cause major breakouts! So just ask yourself, what tha hell is causin’ this freak out, then once you e figured it out, start looking  for a solution. Need help finding out where the stress is coming from or coming up with a solution? I’ll be glad to help as much as I can! I’m here for y’all! Just shoot me an Email!

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