It’s YOUR Time! Own it!

So, the holidays are upon us. I know this is a time of Great Depression for some (been there, done that, got PLENTY of the T-shirts and don’t wanna go back there), but you can change that! Yes, I AM talking to you reading this.

Stuck in a rut where nothing seems to be going right, you feel as though your dream will never come true (whether you want to own a business, be a stay at home parent, just find yourself, or do something completely off the wall) and you don’t feel that anyone believes you can do it and that if you try you’ll just be wasting time and money. I’ve been there too…..many times. But you CANNOT give up! Don’t ever let anyone cause you to give up on yourself or your dreams. There are people out there just waiting for YOU to follow your dreams. There are people waiting for your product/service, your book, your…..whatever it may be.


A few things I’ve learned in my short time (so far) of life coaching….. 1. You may go through many passions in your life before you find the one that “sticks.” GO THROUGH THEM! These things are the things that will build you into who you are and lead you to the greatness you are meant for! And these things give you the knowledge, skills, and courage to TOTALLY #KickAss once you find your true passion! 2. There will be money spent. And though people will talk about the money you’ve “wasted” LET THEM TALK! Because if these “things” you try on for size build your passion and help you to find your greatness (make sure you hear this now…’s a biggie) NOT ONE RED CENT WAS WASTED!

Time for a glimpse into the life of Sherie…..

I didn’t just go into life coaching right off the bat knowing it is what I love and what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. That would have been waaayyyy to easy. Nope! Didn’t happen! I went through doing TONS of different things that I truly DID love doing at the time I was doing it/them. But something was always missing (I just didn’t know what at the time). I spent money trying to build a business, I bought and tried products and sent out samples, I hosted parties (home and on Facebook which is easier now but it was not as easy as they try to tell you it is when I did them),I talked the talk and walked the walk. But for one reason or another those things never worked for me. And it took me FOR.E.VER to figure out why nothing seemed to work for me while I did everything that everyone else would do and I watched them become successful (because face it…..why try to reinvent the wheel when it’s all sitting right there in front of you!), but it didn’t work for me. Shhhh…..come closer…’s a little secret…’s because those things were just a stop in my journey. They were meant for me to learn things from but not to stay. They helped me meet the people I needed to reach my true passion, my true desire, and what I am truly meant to “do” in life. And lemme tell ya… don’t see it while you’re going through it but the teachings are there, they do help, and when you truly get to where your true passion is (the one that “sticks”) ….. talk about having an “Ah-Ha” moment! And it’s sooooo beautiful (or it was for me). Everything seems to start falling into place. Even though it may still be rough, life starts to feel “right.”

And you by no means have to do it alone. The best thing I could ever have done was have a life coach. (FYI most Good life coaches have a life coach of their own as well!)

Having worked with a life coach not only helped me to better myself, made my life….hmmmm what’s the “right” word…..made me more comfortable in my own life while working to better my life, but it also made me realize that my passion and my purpose was to help people by BEING A LIFE COACH MYSELF!

So, if you need that “help,” need that extra little push or clarification, need someone in your corner, I would truly love to help you! I would love to help you “be the best you that you can be” and to delve deep inside yourself to find your “meaning”/life purpose/whatever you’d like to call it.

Email me and we can jump on a call to see how I can help! (The 30 minute consultation is FREE…..don’t you just love that word lol)

And always remember:

You are beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are. Everything you need is already inside of you just waiting to get out.

You are NOT alone and you ARE cared about!

Til next time!


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