Life Hacks for Kids in Middle School

middle school rocks
Yep! It’s that time of year again…..back to school. (Uuuggghhhhh yea I know it sucks y’all but it had to come sometime!) Here are some things that may be able to help you get through middle school just a little easier. 

1. The Alarm Clock Amplifier: 

alarm clock amplifier

All you need is a (clean) glass. (Make sure that it’s glass – not plastic- and that it will be able to fit your phone inside of it)  Set the alarm on your phone for when you need to get up. (Or if you’re like me set about a dozen of them ending when you actually need to be out of bed and moving because you continuously hit snooze LOL) Put your phone in the glass. (if you charge your phone at night while you’re asleep just put it in the glass upside down so that you can charge it) HINT: Put your favorite song as your alarm and you’ll wake up starting your day jammin’!

2. Do your shoes smell AWFUL?!  

smelly shoes

  Get two tea bags that smell good.  Put them in your shoes and by the time gym comes around your shoes will be smelling good!  Or, if you wear the same shoes all day just put the tea bags in them overnight!

3.  Notebooks all look the same? NO PROBLEM! 

color coded notebooks#1  color coded notebooks #2

You can do one of two things.  You can color a small bit of the page tops so you can tell which is which in your booksack or you can do the same thing by getting different colored washi tape and put a small bit on the binding (if you use composition notebooks) or on the front cover (if you’re using spiral bound notebooks).

4.  Make a “Table of Contents.” 

table of contents.jpg

Before you start taking notes in a new notebook, leave the first few pages blank.  You can make these into a “table of contents” to make your notes more organized and make it sooooo much easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re studying!

5.  Use BLUE Ink! 

blue ink pens.png

It has been said that if you write using BLUE  ink you will be able to remember the information better than if you use black.  Because it’s brighter maybe?  Who knows but it’s worth a shot right?!

6.  Try the Pomodoro method for studying: 

pomodoro method.jpg

I, personally, have never tried this because this is the first time I’ve seen this (actually named) but it makes total sense. Ok, so here’s the method:  25 minutes of hard work, take a 5 minute break, 25 minutes of hard work, take a 5 minute break, 25 minutes of hard work, then a 20 minute break (every third break should be 20 minutes long)

7.  Have a paper to write and need to do some research? 

google scholar1.jpg

Don’t waste time using just plain ole Google anymore.  Use Google Scholar instead.  The information it pulls up will be way more relevant! (Well damn! I wish they would’ve had that when I had papers to do!!! Y’all youngun’s got all the new fancy stuff! And don’t even begin to think I’m really that old. I’m totally just jokin’ around!)

8.  Once you have your paper written…..

google translate

We all know how important it is to turn in a paper that’s grammatically correct and with spell check ran and all of that (no, that’s still the same as from when I was in school…..No matter what you may think I’m not caveman kinda old LOL) So, to make sure you’ve corrected your paper to the best of your ability, once you’re done go ahead and run your spell check. Once that’s done DON’T HIT PRINT QUITE YET! Copy and paste your paper into Google Translate.  Listening to your paper being read to you is the easiest way to find any other mistakes that you need to go correct.


colorful class notes

Use visual prompts, different colored ink, diagrams (whatever works for you). Even if you have to rewrite your notes when you get home IT’LL BE WORTH IT! (Ya know the more you write something the more it sticks in your head. So, in essence, by rewriting your notes you are in all actuality studying! So its totally a win-win!)

10.  When you’re studying eat!

green grapesgrapes

No, I’m not talking about go raid the fridge for all the junk food and caffeine you can carry. (Sorry) When you’re studying eat GRAPES! Grapes help improve the brains ability to process new information.  So, make sure that you’re all stocked up on grapes when you know you’ve got a big load of studying coming up!

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