School Hacks for Elementary students!

Not only do elementary students get tired of working by the end of a long day at school (hence the whining over homework) but parents are tired after a long day too! So why not make things as easy (and fun) as possible for everyone involved?!

In light of this here’s a list of things that may help the learning process!

1. When doing homework use GUMMY BEARS as an incentive!  I totally get it! Sometimes it’s hard for kids to have to sit through homework after a long day at school! So why not give them a small incentive to get it done?! I don’t know about y’all but sometimes it’s hard for me to sit through homework and I’m 35!  So, strategically put gummy bears/worms throughout their homework and when they reach it they get to eat it!

2. Trash those bulky binders!  My kids come home with practice worksheets, project papers, test papers and so many more papers! And I always kept a binder filled with paper and separated by subject to help them keep everything organized. But think about this idea…..Get a notebook with perforated pages and an accordion file folder (with tabs for each subject) instead! Just skip any handouts and papers in with the right subject. Parents, y’all can go through it at the end of the week!

3. Start teaching your elementary school child time management!  It’s never to early to start teaching time management! Get a week-at-a-glance planner (and if you let your child choose the one they like they’ll be more willing to use it).  Before starting homework sit down with your child, plan out their homework, assess what all needs to be done and get all of their supplies they’ll need together. Once each “to-do” item is done get them to put it straight back in their booksack, in the correct place. We don’t want anything to be forgotten/misplaced. 

4. Homework caddy DIY:  I don’t know who started the whole DIY craze but I am forever greatful! I love anything DIY! All you need for this DIY is one of those metal dish drying racks. It is perfect to use as a portable homework station. The part where you stand your dishes up is perfect for standing up homework pages, small books they need to read, etc and the utensil holder is perfect for holding pencils, pens, extra erasers, scissors…..

5. Keep peppermints/peppermint sticks handy during homework/study time!  It is said that peppermint stimulates the brain and helps with concentration. 

6. Chocolate CAN be a good thing!  Eating chocolate while they are studying/doing homework will help their brain retain the information much easier. 

7. Make a student binder!  This one is kind of both for parents and kids (depending on how old your kids are). A student binder can make it so much easier to keep the school year more organized and makes it easier for kids to find things if they need to look back on them throughout the school year. I found this great Printable Student Binder DIY that covers all of the basics and you can always add things you want and/or take out things you won’t use. 

8. Add some extra fun learning with DIY lessons your kids will have so much fun with!  It’s great that kids learn so much from their schoolwork. But it’s also great to do learning activities (that are fun) with them to keep that learning going! Here’s a few sites with projects and printables that I love doing with my own kids!          Ice Cream Sprinkles Writing Tray       Science Activities Your Kids Will Love!         DIY Stress Balls (we’ll be talking more about this in a little while as well)

9. Having trouble with Math? solves all kind of math problems. It gives a step-by-step explanation on how to solve it to reach the correct answer!

10. Make some super cool, squishy stress balls!  Sometimes it’s just easier to concentrate while you’re holding onto something in your free hand. Not only has this been true for my kids but for me as well (so y’all know I gotta make me at least one too lol)! This DIY is so simple and there are very few things you need (Can you say AWESOMESAUCE?!)

BONUS: Another cool thing I’ve made (told y’all I love DIY!)that works great when my kids start getting a little bit hyper is Calm Down Jars ! I made the first one just to see how easy it was to make then one of my sons actually used the project for his 4H demonstration last year. They are really awesome and I highly recommend making one!

So there y’all go! Now y’all have some extra ideas to start the school year out with a bang! Lol. hope this helped in some way and that y’all enjoyed it!

Til next time!

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