Teen skin problems caused by raging hormones?

We all know how teens hormones run rampant and cause so many issues for them! (Yea I know it totally sucks! Sorry y’all be we all have to go through it and I promise it’s not pleasant for your parents either!) But how can they fight back against those hormones when it comes to there skin? Here’s a few things to do DAILY  that probably won’t completely solve the delema but at least it can take the wild beast some. 

1. Wash your face both morning AND night. This will help keep your pores clean. It will also help to control those nasty breakouts that plague teens. And I’m not just saying wash your face with whatever you use in the shower to wash your body. I’m talking about an actual face cleanser

2. Use a toner wipe to keep your skin cells hydrated. After you clean your face, wipe your skin with a cleansing/toner wipe to remove any cleanser you may have missed, to hydrate/moisturize your skin, ad remove any left over makeup. 

3. ALWAYS, always, always use a moisturizer after you clean your face! Hydration and moisturizing is key to fighting the battle that hormones cause on teen skin!  Be certain to use a moisturizer after each time you clean your face to help lock in moisture.  

4. Perform a weekly mask treatment.  Do a detoxifying mask once a week. Not o my can you use this to just totally chill out and relax but it also benefits by reducing acne and breakouts. 

5. Limit your daily intake of dairy products. I’m definitely not saying to cut dairy out of your diet completely because it is so important for your bones and to keep you healthy. But most dairy cows are given growth hormones nowadays, so milk, cheese and yogurt can become factors that trigger more oil to be produced in your skin which may trigger breakouts. 

But to all of the teens out there just calm down, chill and remember “this too shall pass.” And if there is anything I can do to help or if you have any questions please feel free to email me at any time and schedule a FREE consultation!

***There are affiliate links throughout this post that I may profit from the sales made from this link. However, I will never promote a product that I don’t believe in and/or love. These products have done amazing things for my skin, they’re affordable and they are naturally-based. 

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